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We purchase a variety of antique and contemporary art. This includes oil and watercolor paintings, mixed media artwork, sculptures, masterworks, unknown artist works, signed lithographs and more. If you are unsure if what you have is something we will purchase, please feel free to contact us.

With over 25 years of experience, our fine art specialists will help identify and precisely evaluate your collection, allowing us to offer you some of the industry’s highest and most competitive payouts.

Contact us today to make an in-store appointment at our New York or New Jersey locations, or we can come to you. We proudly serve the Tri-State area, including New Rochelle, NY; Nyack, NY; Pleasantville, NY; Pomona, NY; and Tarrytown, NY. Our team members will travel anywhere in the US.

How to Tell if Your Antique Art is Valuable

If you own a painting and you’re wondering whether it might be valuable, there are some things you can check to get an idea of what you might be working with.


  • Who Owned the Painting Before You? One good way to get an idea of how much a painting might be worth is to figure out who owned the painting before you did. If it was someone with standing in the art community, it might be an indicator of a painting’s potential value. Try to do some research on the painting; ask the person who you got the painting from where they got it, or if they have any documentation to go with it.

  • Who is the Artist? You should definitely know who created your artwork. Depending on the artist, the value of a piece can skyrocket. You can check for an artist signature on the painting itself; sometimes there might be a signature on the back of the piece. If you can get a signature authenticated, it will affect the value.

  • What Condition is the Piece In? Before you buy an antique painting, you should make sure it’s in good condition. Make sure there are no rips, cracks, or tears; these will decrease the value. Paintings with faded colors will also decrease in value.

  • Check the Frame: A painting’s frame can be an indicator of its value; in some cases, a high-quality frame can even be worth more than the painting itself!

  • What is the Painting’s Subject Matter? Believe it or not, a painting’s subject matter plays a role in its appraised value. Historically, for example, portraits of women have sold for more money than pictures of men. When it comes to landscapes, bright and colorful pieces tend to bring more value than gloomy or dark ones.

  • What is the Art Painted On? The type of material that the art was painted on can play a role in its value. Paintings on canvas are worth more than paper; they are also worth more than prints or sketches.

  • Painting Size: Larger and more visually commanding pieces tend to be more valuable.


If you suspect you might have a piece of value, bring it to a licensed antique store such as Rockland Vintage Antiques and Collectibles. With our experience selling antiques, we have the knowledge you need. Our experienced team can help you ascertain its worth and assign a proper appraisal value to it. Once you know what value you are working with, you can make a decision.

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